New Book on Groundwater

“Groundwater Resources of India” by Subhajyoti Das, National Book Trust of India, 2012, 248 pages; ISBN 978-81-237-6355-2; Price: Rs.110.00

The above book brought out by the National Book Trust of India is an excellent introduction to groundwater geology with special reference to India. Written in a lucid and popular style, this book aims to educate the interested public on the various issues related to groundwater both in urban conglomeration as well as in rural areas, where groundwater is being tapped in an ever increasing fashion for drinking, industrial and irrigation purposes. The book also contains very valuable data culled from diverse sources of great value to students and researchers in Earth Sciences as well as for policy-makers in our legislatures to obtain a synoptic view of groundwater related issues in our country.

MSR/13 Sept. 2012