Job Satisfaction

Nature’s 2012 salary and satisfaction survey of Scientists from more than 100 countries across the globe (which includes India) makes an interesting reading. While the general conclusion is that by and large many scientists are content with their jobs, the financial/remuneration aspect is not all too satisfactory, perhaps understandably.

Scientists in India and China appear to be not too happy with salaries, guidance, total hours of work-load and independence. However compared to the previous year, more than 50% of the respondents indicated an increased job satisfaction in both India and China. Does it portend a trend towards improvement in the working condition of Indian Scientists?

Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark are at the top in terms of job as well as financial satisfaction.

Interested readers may go through the article entitled “Turbulent Times” by Gene Russo in Nature, vol.486, No.7413, 30 Aug 2012, pp.685-688

MSR/12 Sept. 2012