Shashi Tharoors New Book on India

Shashi Tharoor, M.P., former External Affairs Minister and Under Secretary – General of the United Nation is a well known author on his own both in fiction as well as non-fiction. His latest book on India and the World of the 21 st Century which he calls as “Pax Indica” is a 450 page political analysis of the emerging multipolar world and India’s own position in this evolving new geopolitical dynamics.

Tharoor brings to bear his rich experience in International Affairs in analyzing India’s relationship with Pakistan, China and the United States in particular that will define our own security and peace in the Indian sub continent. He has not ignored the great potential in developing closer ties with African and South African countries as well as adjusting to the new realities of the Middle-East/Arab world. With his mellifluous narrative style coupled with his depth of knowledge in the subject, Tharoor’s book makes a very absorbing reading for all those interested in role of India in an increasingly globalised world. The book is available for consultation in the library of the Geological Society of India.

MSR/16 Aug. 2012

Source: Shashi Tharoor (2012) – Pax Indica, India and the World of the 21 st Century, Allen Lane – an imprint of Penguin Books, New Delhi, pp.449.