Volume 90, Issue 4, October 2017 Pages (385-510)

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Research Articles

Kaveri Crater–An Impact Structure in the Precambrian Terrain of Southern India  | Download
K. R. Subrahmanya, K. N. Prakash Narasimha 387-395
Total views: 181
Ichnology of the Callovian-Oxfordian Rocks of the Katrol Hill Range, Kachchh, Western India  | Download
Paras M. Solanki, Nishith Y. Bhatt, Satish J. Patel, Jagdish M. Patel 396-404
Total views: 36
Gondwana Biostratigraphy of the Purnea Basin (Eastern Bihar, India), and its Correlation with Rajmahal and Bengal Gondwana Basins  | Download
Bijai Prasad, B. S. Pundir 405-427
Total views: 40
Facies Analysis of Pleistocene Limestones from Neil West Coast Formation, Neil Island, Ritchie’s Archipelago of South Andaman, India  | Download
Arindam Chakraborty, Amit K. Ghosh, Abhijit Mazumder 428-436
Total views: 46
Biostratigraphy and Depositional Environment of the Miocene Limestone Bed of Baripada, Mayurbhanj District, Odisha: Foraminiferal, Sedimentological and Bulk Organic Geochemical Evidences  | Download
Ajoy K. Bhaumik, Joydeep Paikray, Jagadish Dutta, Arijit Mitra, Devleena Tiwari, Dattatray J. Patil 437-446
Total views: 35
Groundwater Contamination in Parts of Nalgonda District, Telangana, India as Revealed by Trace Elemental Studies  | Download
D. Purushotham, D. Linga, Netramani Sagar, Sibasish Mishra, G. Naga Vinod, K. Venkatesham, K. Saikrishna 447-458
Total views: 61
Hydrogeological Characterization of Aquifer in Palla Flood Plain of Delhi Using Integrated Approach  | Download
Suman Kumar, Aditya Sarkar, Sachin Kumar Thakur, Shashank Shekhar 459-466
Total views: 62
Integrated Petrographic, Mineralogical, and Geochemical Study of the Upper Kaimur Group of Rocks, Son Valley, India: Implications for Provenance, Source Area Weathering and Tectonic Setting  | Download
M. A. Quasim, Imran Khan, A. H. M. Ahmad 467-484
Total views: 54
Importance of Coloured Inversion Technique for thin Hydrocarbon Sand Reservoir Detection – A Case in mid Cambay Basin  | Download
Saurabh Datta Gupta, Ramesh Gupta 485-494
Total views: 35
Depositional Conditions, Characteristics and Source of Rare Earth Elements in Carbonate Strata of the Albian Asu River Group, Middle Benue Trough, North Central Nigeria  | Download
S. O. Idakwo 495-502
Total views: 34

Book Review

An Introduction to Geology with Multiple-Choice Questions  | Download
A. G. S. Reddy 503-503
Total views: 10

News and Notes

International Conference on Natural Resources, Environment and Health (ICNREH-2017)  | Download
Rabindra Nath Tiwari 504-505
Total views: 6
International conference on Remote Sensing and GIS for applications in Geosciences  | Download
Pavanesh K. Singh, M. A. Quasim, Asma A. Ghaznavi, Zuhi Khan 506-506
Total views: 13
Precambrian Lithostratigraphy of Dharwar Craton and Adjoining Fold and Mobile Belts  | Download
K. V. S. Reddy 507-507
Total views: 6


P. S. Saklani (1941-2017)  | Download
Arun Kumar Shandilya 508-508
Total views: 6
S. Rajaraman (1930-2016)  | Download
S. V. Satyanarayana 509-509
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Announcement  | Download
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