Geological Society of India

Volume 90, Issue 2, August 2017 Pages (129-258)

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Research Articles

Fissures and Fractures in the Koyna Seismogenic Zone, Western India  | Download
Surajit Misra, Sukanta Roy, Vikrant Bartakke, Gaurav Athavale, Harsh Gupta 131-137
Petrology and Geochemistry of A-Type granites from Khanak and Devsar Areas of Bhiwani District, Southwestern Haryana  | Download
Radhika Sharma, Naresh Kumar 138-146
Gold - Sulphide Mineralization in Ultramafic-Mafic-Granite Complex of Jashpur, Bastar Craton, Central India: Evidences from Geophysical Studies  | Download
Dewashish Kumar, D. V. Subba Rao, Setbandhu Mondal, K. Sridhar, K. Rajesh, M. Satyanarayanan 147-153
Occurrence of Népouite in the Serpentinite of the Manipur Ophiolite Belt, Northeastern India: Implication for Melt-Rock Interaction in a Supra-Subduction Zone  | Download
Thungyani N. Ovung, Jyotisankar Ray, Biswajit Ghosh, Debabrata Mandal, Pallab Dasgupta, Madhuparna Paul 154-158
Diatoms, Spatial Distribution and Physicochemical Characteristics of the Wular Lake Sediments, Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Kashmir  | Download
Rayees Ahmad Shah, Hema Achyuthan, Aasif Mohmad Lone, R. Ramanibai 159-168
Abandoned Mine Galleries Detection using Electrical Resistivity Tomography Method over Jharia Coal Field, India  | Download
Prasenjit Das, S. K. Pal, P. R. Mohanty, Piyush Priyam, Abhay Kumar Bharti, Rajwardhan Kumar 169-174
Palaeochannel-controlled Depositional Features of the Cretaceous Lower Mahadek Uranium Mineralisation in Umthongkut Area, West Khasi Hills, Meghalaya  | Download
Purnajit Bhattacharjee, M. Rengarajan, S. K. Srivastava, S. Hamilton, R. Mohanty 175-182
Overcoming Source Limitations in Drainage Delineation by Combining the Streams of Toposheet and DEM in River Morphometric Studies  | Download
Rajesh Kumar Sah, Apurba Kumar Das 183-186
Low Velocity Layer Characterization in the Niger Delta: Implications for Seismic Reflection Data Quality  | Download
A. I. Opara, C. C. Agoha, C. N. Okereke, U. P. Adiela, C. N. Onwubuariri, J. O. Okpono, O. P. Nosiri 187-195
MRPN Technique for Assessment of Working Risks in Underground Coal Mines  | Download
S. Behraftar, S. M. F. Hossaini, E. Bakhtavar 196-200
Recurring Emergence of the Mud Islands on Shelf of the Arabian Sea along the Makran Coast of Pakistan – Historical Perspective using Remote Sensing Techniques  | Download
Akhtar M. Kassi, Huseyin Bayraktar, Shuhab D. Khan, Aimal K. Kasi 201-208
Geochemical Appraisal of Mine Discharge and Tailing at Malanjkhand Copper Mine, India  | Download
Sk. Md. Equeenuddin, Abhijit Panda, Vishal Singh, Prafulla Kumar Sahoo, Subhashis Sahu, Sumit Kumar Basantray 209-216
Characterization of Fluid Inclusions Encaged in Quartz Veins of Parsoi Formation, Central India  | Download
R. K. Dubey, Ravi Shankar 217-225
Hydrogeochemistry and Geothermometry of Thermal Springs from the Guelma region, Algeria  | Download
Bouaicha Foued, Dib Hénia, Belkhiri Lazhar, Manchar Nabil, Chabour Nabil 226-232
Assessment of Uranium in Correlation with Physico-Chemical Properties of Drinking Water of Northern Rajasthan  | Download
Sudhir Mittal, Asha Rani, Rohit Mehra, V. Balaram, M. Satyanarayanan, S. S. Sawant 233-238
Assessment of Arsenic Health Risk and Source Apportionment of Groundwater Pollutants using Multivariate Statistical Techniques in Chapai-Nawabganj District, Bangladesh  | Download
A. R. M. Towfiqul Islam, Shuang-He Shen, Md. Bodrud-Doza 239-248


IGC 2020: ARE WE READY?  | Download
S. J. Sangode 249-249

News and Notes

Earth Day – 2017: Sustainable Earth  | Download
S. P. Venkatadasu, K. V. Krishnamurthy, N. Rajendran, M. S. Rao 250-252
Geomorphological and Geological Suitability for Inter-Basin Transfer of Water by Linking River Basins in Maharashtra  | Download
K. S. Misra, Neela Misra, Anshuman Misra 253-255
Seventh Prof. G. Subba Rao Memorial Lecture  | Download
V. K. Khanna, B. S. Rathore 256-256


P.V. Sanker Narayan (1923 – 2017)  | Download
S. V. S. Sarma, T. S. Sastry, D. Atchuta Rao 257-257
Prof. K. Kameswara Rao (1932-2017)  | Download
P. S. N. Murthy 258-258