Journal of the Geological Society of India

The Journal of the Geological Society of India is a premier earth science journal which publishes peer -reviewed articles under the category of Review papers, Research papers, News and Notes, Discussion, Correspondence and Book Review. The articles published deal with all branches of Earth System Science. The journal is published every month constituiting two volumes per year.


B. Mahabaleswar
No.63, 12th Cross, Basappa Layout, Gavipuram P.O.
P.O. Box 1922, Bangalore - 560 019, India

 Managing Editor

B.R. Krishna

 Editorial Board

Abhijit Basu : Indiana University
Atul K. Varma : ISM, Dhanbad
S.G. Gokamv IIG, Mumbai
M. Jayananda : University of Delhi
AnKalachand Sain : NGRI, Hyderabad
S. Mukhopadhyay : ITT, Roorkee
Santanu Banerjee : ITT, Mumbai
P.K. Saraswati  : ITT, Mumbai
Satish J. Patel : M.S. Univ. Vadodara
Sisir Mondal : Jadavpur University BHU, Varanasi Karnataka
Subhajyoti Das : Bangalore
Vishwas S. Kale : University of Pune

 Editorial Board for Fast Track Articles

P.R. Golani : Min.of Mines, New Delhi
Rima Chatterjee : ISM, Dhanbad
Arindam Basu : ITT, Kharagpur
G.J. Chakrapani : ITT, Roorkee
N.V. Chalapathi Rao : BHU, Varanasi
S. Sangode : Pune University
Kalachand Sain : NGRI, Hyderabad
George Mathew : IIT, Mumbai
Sunil Bajpai : B SIP, Lucknow
Sangamitra Ray : ITT, Kharagpur
Manish A. Mamtani : IIT, Kharagpur
Navin Juyal : PRL, Ahmedabad
Javed Malik : ITT, Kanpur
W.K. Mohanty : ITT, Kharagpur

Geological Society of India


The Geological Society of India was established on 28th May 1958 to promote the cause of advanced study and research in all branches of Earth System Science. The Journal of the Society is its flagship publication. The Society also publishes Memoirs, Text books, Economic Geology Series, Field Guides and Regional language publications. The Society has three classes of membership (1) Fellows (Annual and Life membership); (2) Honorary Fellows and (3) Corporate Members. Fellows are elected once a year by the Council. In order to recognize and encourage outstanding talent, the Society has instituted several awards through voluntary donors in different branches of Earth System Science.