Water Resources

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Rejuvenation of Surface Water Resources of India: Potential, Problems and Prospects
Editor : R. Vaidyanadhan

Table of Contents


M. B. Patil iii-iv


Rejuvenation of Kerala Rivers: Geoenvironmental Setting, Potentials, Problems and Recent Initiatives
Srikumar Chattopadhyay, Mahamaya Chattopadhyay 1-12
Surface Water Resources of Karnataka - Uncertain Quantum and Stressful Scenario
T. R. Sreedhara Murthy, R. S. Reddy, C. S. Harindranath, B. P. Lakshmikantha 13-25
The Monsoon-Fed Rivers of Maharashtra: Their Hydrogeomorphic Characteristics and Management
Vishwas S. Kale, Rahul S. Todmal, Pallavi Kulkarni 26-34
Geomorphology of North-Western India (Marusthali to Narmada Valley Ending Up with Vindhyan Scarplands) with Special Reference to Surface Waters
Alpa Sridhar, L. S. Chamyal 35-42
Indus and Ganga River Basins in India: Surface Water Potentials
K. N. Prudhvi Raju, Shraban Sarkar, Manish Kumar Pandey 43-53
Geomorphology of the North Eastern Region of India with Special Reference to Surface Water Resources
Dulal C. Goswami, Santanu Sarma 54-62
River Systems and Water Resources of West Bengal: A Review
Sunando Bandyopadhyay, Nabendu Sekhar Kar, Sayantan Das, Jayanta Sen 63-84
River Systems and Other Surface Water Bodies of East-Central India: Their Status and Management Needs
N. K. Mahalik 85-91
Surface Water Resources and River Systems of Andhra Pradesh
K. N. Prudhvi Raju, Shraban Sarkar, Manish Kumar Pandey, Shruti Keshari, Mukesh Vishwakarma, Chanchal Shakya 92-98
Status of Rivers in Tamil Nadu: Problems and Perspectives
G. Bhaskaran, R. Geetha 99-109